The Battle for Middle Ground Experience

It’s one full week post competition and I am still thinking about the amazing experience that I had alongside my dad. A true style competition that Battle for Middle Ground is, tested all athletes under all aspects of Crossfit. Gruelling qualifiers and an even tougher final, but I could not imagine a better time than I had all the way through. This competition tested me in ways I never anticipated and revealed some weaknesses I never thought I had and strengths that surprised me.

Although I did not podium, I am still happy with how I did all the way through. I have previously already taken part in several competitions that I enjoyed but this one is by far my favourite. So I guess this post is just to say a massive thank you to the organisers, volunteers and all the staff who made this event possible and allowed everyone, including me, to take part.

IMG_5030What’s the plan now?- Well, the plan remains the same as before; train, kick ass, repeat 😉 . I will carry on doing my training programme (Dynamic Athlete Programme), while also working on weaknesses and prepare for any upcoming competitions. Momentarily, I haven’t registered for many as I am still unaware of my schedule and when I will be able to slot in a competition weekend but the plan for the moment is a mixed pairs throwdown with my dad and European Championships qualifiers later in October, for which I’m very excited.

Also just a note that if you haven’t seen this video already then here it is. My friend @evander_fitness had an awesome idea on how to finish a competition in style:



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