Post 18.1 Open Update

On Thursday (early Friday morning in the UK), Dave Castro announced Open workout 18.1 and left every Crossfit athlete speechless. Normally most workouts that are announced each year tend to on the shorter side, and this year Castro introduced a 20minute AMRAP workout consisting of 8 Toes to Bar, 10 Hang Clean to Overhead and 14/12 calories on the rower.

Blank face, staring straight at my laptop screen and heart almost pausing in fear. First thought… “damn, my engine is awful”. Despite all these thoughts and feelings, I was actually looking forward to doing the workout on Friday evening.

Before arriving at the gym, I came up with a strategy that at the time seemed like a good idea and actually it wasn’t all that bad. I decided to split my toes to bar into 2 sets of 4 with only a break to jump down shake my arms and jump back up onto the bar to try and keep my grip fresh-ish. The plan for my hang power cleans to overhead was to go unbroken on all rounds and as for rowing, I decided to keep above 1000 calories per hour. Of course, when I started doing the workout my plan went in the trash. I went unbroken on my toes to bar for around 5 rounds and unbroken on the hang power cleans to overhead through the entire workout. To my surprise, rowing was the worst and instead of keeping above 1000 calories per hour, I was keeping below that, not much but still it was precious seconds that I needed for additional repetitions. Normally, rowing is a strength of mine but for some unknown reason that I still cannot explain it was my weakest movement during 18.1.

I’m not going to mention my score just yet because I am looking to redo the workout on Monday. I don’t tend to redo workouts because I always give 100% and no matter how bad or good my score is I accept it. This time however I feel like I could have pushed harder and put in more effort, especially on the rower and made my transitions quicker. So, I will be doing this workout again and I will post a short update on how I do on my Instagram page so that I am not writing another lengthy post on here.

Also, I will be posting an update each week after each of the five Open workouts so keep an eye out for updates on my Instagram and Facebook.

Hope you all have a wonderful five weeks and may you beat your PR’s during this year’s Open.


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