Winter 2018 Rainhill Trials Update

Rainhill Trials came and went and my excitement still hasn’t dispersed. In my previous post I mentioned that I will write a follow up on how the competition went for me, so here’s the update.


I want to say that Sunday went exactly as planned with no external interruptions but as always call it bad luck or however you like but I was ill for a whole week prior and during the competition (great right?), but either way I don’t want to make excuses or anything like that because I couldn’t be happier with with my performance.

The plan for the competition was to give 100% effort into every single event and so I did; I utilised my plan to the fullest and went back home with a big smile on my face and without even a slight bit of energy left (oh what a feeling).

All the events (bearing in mind I did not do the final fifth event because only the top 15 qualified and I was not one of them) went pretty good for me. The first event was mostly based on endurance and I am not an athlete possessing a great engine so it was a slow start for me but I did enjoy the event since it had pushed me to my limits. Second and third events were based on strength, muscular endurance and doing those (terrible for me) double unders. When a max snatch complex was announced prior to the competition, my heart was pounding and did not stop until I actually grabbed the bar on the competition floor. Sometimes I get paralysed by this fear that I won’t be able to lift the weight that’s on the bar, and during Rainhills, I successfully managed to turn this weakness of mine into a strength and lifted, what is for me, a pretty heavy weight for a hang snatch. While hearing the emcee shout out some of the numbers girls were lifting in my heat, I stayed composed and ignored everything he was saying so that I could keep a sole focus on MY bar and MY weight.

27993223_1664996213586254_1179041847739978696_o.jpgWith only 3 minutes to rest between event 2 and event 3, I kept my composure and waited for the sign to start. 12 power cleans may not seem like a lot but when you only have a 3 minute time cap to complete this and 90 double unders while racing against other girls it becomes quite a stress and 55kg suddenly become heavy. This bringsme to the topic of double unders, and I will be blunt here, I am awful at them but to my surprise, I managed to finish all 90 of them.

I could not stop smiling after this event.  The fourth event of the competition had one of my favourite movements programmed into it; pull ups. Ever since I learned to do butterfly pull ups, they have become my favourite gymnastics movement making me excited every time I have them programmed into my training. Either way, not going into my favourite exercises in Crossfit because it is something I could talk about all day, event 4 was a great one, and one that had left me with not even a drop of energy. A feeling that instantly tells you that you did a good job and gave it all you have.


Finally just to quickly sum it up, and not bore you further the Rainhill Trials is probably one of my favourite competitions to take part in. No matter what level you are, whether you only just started Crossfit and don’t have all movements or weights yet but still would love to try yourself out, you can still compete since there are 4 different categories where you can be placed against others of a similar ability. Entry to the ballot was opened on

Monday  for the Summer Rainhill Trials so I recommend signing up and you may actually be drawn to compete. This was the second time I did Rainhills and I would happily do it all again for the third time. The workouts are great, the staff are all amazing and the atmosphere is insane.


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