What’s the BIG deal with the OPEN and why you should REGISTER?

The Crossfit Open began in 2011 as a qualifier for the Reebok Crossfit Games which is an ultimate test of fitness with athletes from all over the world taking part. The Open gives a chance for a fair amount of athletes from different Crossfit gyms to test themselves and see how far they have come in their training and battle it out against others for a place at the Games.

Now, hundreds of thousands of athletes take part in the Open showing what a huge phenomenon it is with the number of participants continually growing each year. Training programmes and classes become specifically tailored to give everyone a chance at practicing movements which could potentially be announced. For example in 2017, the Open saw dumbbells being used for the very first time and in his latest pre-Open announcement, Dave Castro presented the return of the dumbbells. Hmm, I wonder the workouts are going to be this year?

This is the beauty of the Open, you never know what you are getting yourself into until the workout for the specified week is announced. So, how does the Open work?

  • Firstly, you register yourself on the main Crossfit Games website (https://games.crossfit.com/open)
  • Then once you are registered, the first workout (18.1) will be announced on February 22nd and after that on the same day each week for 5 weeks (18.2, 18.3, 18.4 and 18.5).
  • After completing a workout each week you will need to upload your score onto the main Games website using the profile you registered with. (Each workout needs to be judged by someone who has done the updated judging course or alternatively upload a full video of you doing the workout for it to be judged online- specifics are listed on the Games website)
  • You will have 4 days in which to upload your score for the week.
  • Once validated, your score will appear on the main Crossfit Open Leaderboard so that you can see how you placed on each workout against other athletes in your category.

Who can compete in the Open?

The competition is open to all, it doesn’t matter whether you have only just started Crossfit or you are already a pro at it. There are 2 variations for the workouts (scaled and RX) which indicate the difficulty, but you don’t have to stick to just one because if there are movements you cannot perform or movements which you have practiced day in, day out and want see how good you have become at them.

There are different age categories too. The youngest division is teenagers which starts at 14 and the oldest masters category is 60+.

Here is a breakdown of all age divisions:

  • Teens (14-15| 16-17)
  • Individuals (18-34)
  • Masters (35-39| 40-44| 45-49| 50-54| 55-59| 60+
  • Teams (4 members)

Why should you compete?

The Open is here to test us all and show us our weaknesses and those small and big  improvements. It displays how hard we have been hitting it in training throughout the year and for those who are newbies to the Open, it gives a good base and comparison for the following years.

It allows you to compete against athletes from your own gym, country, region and against every athlete around the world in your age division. The Open will motivate you to become better and push harder in daily workouts. And the atmosphere of the Open is simply astounding with your friends cheering you on and helping you get through those tough workouts.

If there are things you can’t do, then the Open breaks barriers and gets your adrenaline pumping… and there you go, you do your first pull/ muscle up or anything else you previously thought impossible. And finally, you get to interact with athletes and meet members you hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before~ after all, Crossfit is about community and there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with those on the same mission as you.

Dynamic Athlete’s are ready to compete in the Open. Are you?





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