Changes Happen: Don’t be afraid of them

Whether you have been a Crossfit participant for a long time, or have only recently started or perhaps you are still to decide on joining a local Crossfit affiliate, then there are always certain fears that prevent you from taking the path you are wishing to take. 

Going to a Crossfit box can become scary for aspiring Crossfitter’s because of the lack of experience in the sport and without prior knowledge of the awesome atmosphere that is present at every box, resulting in postponing those plans of joining. The decision can be very daunting but it’s like beginning a new chapter of a book; it will be different, full of surprises but the journey open new perspectives for you. It is a journey every person should take at some point in their life, whether that means visiting a different local box or going to an affiliate whilst on holiday.

This nervousness can also be applied to experienced Crossfit participants. Despite already having that experience of being a member at a box, it is still terrifying to move elsewhere. I can say this from my own experience as I have recently moved to Scotland and began my quest of finding a new Crossfit home.

Why do we worry?

Leaving my beloved box, Crossfit Wolverhampton, was something that I actually have never considered until receiving an acceptance letter from The University of the West of Scotland to study Journalism. So many different thoughts started radiating through my mind; “What if I don’t find a Crossfit box? How will I get used to my new schedule? Will people be nice there? What if they won’t like me?” and many other questions that I was unable to answer.

I kept advising myself; “you have been doing Crossfit for 3 years, there is no need to be scared”. Even with words of encouragement from coaches, family and friends, I was still terrified for this move.

So, getting to the point, why do we actually? Perhaps it is because we fear of not being accepted and not fitting in, or perhaps because we think we are not good enough for another Crossfit affiliate. There is in fact no real answer to this question. We just worry, that is the simple course of nature and nothing can change that. Of course there are psychological matters that could indeed explain this, however to disappoint you, that is just not my focus in this post. On the contrary, if we ought to talk about overcoming that fear, then we can go back in time to the last maybe 30 seconds ago were I talked about visiting local affiliates and paying holiday boxes a visit. It is basically like becoming better at a certain exercise or movement because no one becomes good at snatching by not even holding a barbell. This just the same way applies to fear of leaving your beloved Crossfit box for another or joining one for the first time.

Home Sweet Home

I found my next Crossfit home by searching through the local affiliate map on the Crossfit Games website (, which proved very handy and made my search a whole lot easier. The box which I decided to join is ULT Crossfit, an amazing box with an amazing atmosphere, great coaching and people who very quickly became my friends. If I however listened to the fear which I was struggling with prior to joining, I would never have met so many amazing Crossfitters. Being able to close off that raging fear in our minds is something that needs to be constantly worked on. Fear is paralysing and often results in postponing plans or never actually getting where you are ought to be. Conquering that fear, silencing that banging noise telling you “don’t do it!”, later becomes the best achievement of all.

This small journey of mine verified the fact that the whole Crossfit community is so friendly and welcoming that all fears and worries disappear in a matter of a second. This becomes a very handy tool outside of Crossfit too because it teaches you to just go for it. During my adventures at Regionals and Games, the amounts of Crossfit fans and athletes I get to meet is just astounding and each and every person, no matter where they come from will treat you like family.

Lat but not least…

From my own experience, I have realised that no matter where in the world a Crossfit box is situated, the community is so welcoming that there is just absolutely no reason to worry; you feel at home even in a box on the other side of the world.

So to those who are worried of moving, just move, settle in, find a box and continue your training whilst meeting many great people.

And to those who are still wondering whether to join, here’s a short video for a little encouragement.

Let Me Tell You About Crossfit 


6 thoughts on “Changes Happen: Don’t be afraid of them

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  2. Maggie

    That’s amazing to hear! I completely agree with you, it’s like an all in one package and probably the best way for getting into an amazing community of people that become almost part of your family.


  3. fitnessgrad

    Hey! Love that you do CrossFit 🙂
    It’s becoming a very popular sport and it is amazing what some of the athletes can do, I love CrossFit and the athletism around it, and not to mention the community you have — the team you gain and the experience! thanks for following my blog 🙂 looking forward to reading yours!



  4. Maggie

    Thank you and there will surely be many more articles to come. I like your blog too so I will definitely be checking often to see some new outlooks from you about health and different exercises.


    Liked by 1 person

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